Our first album: ’unseasonably hot‘
Supporting Immigrants & Basic Human Values

Dear friends,

Although based in France, Carolina Reapers’s blood is Algerian, Réunionese, Argentinian, Vietnamese, Italian, Polish, American, French, and so on… We are Immigrants or descendants of immigrants — and today we look at the United States with sorrow and concern.

Bandcamp, the platform we use to sale our music, just announced that they are taking actions to support immigrants and basic human values. This Friday (3rd of February) they will donate 15% of their sales to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Carolina Reapers Swing will join this action by donating an extra 35%. So for every purchase of our music made this Friday, 50% will go to ACLU's actions.

Thank you all four your support,

Keep swinging,


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Audrey Leclair

Photo credit: Laurent Bonne